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Infertility affects millions of couples each year. Dr. John Macey is a board-certified OB/GYN physician practicing in the Nashville, Tennessee area. He understands the frustration infertility can cause for individuals who are hoping to have a child. If you live in the Kentucky, Alabama, or mid-central Tennessee area, Dr. Macey encourages you to call his office to schedule a consultation, or book your appointment online. If you have questions or concerns about infertility, he can help you find the answers.

Infertility Q & A

How is infertility diagnosed?

Infertility for a couple is generally defined as a year of unprotected intercourse without conception. After a year of unsuccessful attempts at conceiving (sooner if you are having other issues), Dr. Macey can help you to figure out what might be contributing to the problem. Further testing will often need to be conducted to determine where the problem lies, and what treatment options are available, helping you conceive, and carry a child to term.

There are cases where the cause is quickly evident, such as lack of sufficient hormones to trigger the release of the egg, or problems within the uterus. Other times, significant testing and prcedures are indicated to get to the root cause. 

How is infertility treated?

Infertility can be treated in several ways. Dr. Macey first has to determine what's causing the problem. If you have an obvious problem with irregular periods, medications leading to improved ovulation might be all that is required to allow you to conceive.

More in-depth procedures may be needed if the problem involves the fertilization process. In vitro fertilization and in utero insemination are also possible solutions. For the majority of couples, these solutions are unnecessary but are still available if all other options fail. These procedures are normally only considered when all other treatment options have failed.

What are common causes of infertility?

Infertility can have many causes. A few of the most commonly known are:

  • Ovulation dysfunction
  • Endometriosis
  • Obesity
  • Medications
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Insufficient sperm production
  • Unexplained

Genetics may also play a key role in how easily you conceive. Each case is different and, over time, Dr. Macey will begin to see indicators that will help him to identify the problem.

Dr. Macey needs to perform a thorough physical examination to determine the exact cause of the problem. In some cases, it may be that the male isn't producing enough viable sperm to fertilize the egg. Close observation and regular tests will eventually uncover the cause of the problem, allowing Dr. Macey to create a treatment plan.

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