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Hormone replacement therapy is an effective treatment option for when your hormones begin to fluctuate abnormally. That most often occurs as a part of menopause but can occur when other reproductive health issues are present. If you're experiencing dramatic hormone fluctuations, book your appointment online, or contact Dr. Macey's office and schedule a consultation at his Nashville office. His practice areas include Alabama, Kentucky, and most of mid-central Tennessee.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

Is menopause the only time hormone replacement therapy is used?

Hormone replacement therapy has many uses aside from relieving the symptoms of menopause. For instance, it can be effectively used to restore a regular rhythm to your menstrual cycle. Maintaining a proper balance between the hormones may also help to relieve cramps and excessive flow during your monthly period as well.

Hormone replacement therapy can reduce the symptoms of PMS and may improve your odds of becoming pregnant. Hormone imbalances can wreak havoc on your reproductive system, but using various hormone based therapies can restore balance to the entire body.

Dr. Macey can determine whether or not you're experiencing an imbalance, and create an individualized treatment plan that corrects the problem and brings your body back into balance.

When is hormone replacement therapy recommended?

Hormone replacement therapy is recommended when an imbalance is causing moderate to severe disruptions in how your body functions. Whether it be irregular periods, or an inability to conceive a child, the effect of the imbalance will eventually cause disruptions in your body's other processes. A hormone imbalance can also affect your mood.

By using hormone replacement therapy, the delicate hormone balance will be restored, and you'll begin to feel more comfortable. Your symptoms will gradually decrease, and your periods will return to normal. For hormone replacement therapies to be effective, they must be formulated based on your individual needs. Your imbalance is unique to your system and should be treated accordingly.

Are their different ways to administer hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy can be administered in several ways. Hormone-based birth control is considered a form of HRT. The birth control implant can be placed in the upper portion of the arm to help aid in bringing monthly periods back into a more normal cycle.

When dealing with the symptoms of menopause, or infertility, hormone pellets or injections are often used. Hormone pellets are placed just beneath the surface of the skin in the fleshy portion of the arm, and gradually release hormones into the bloodstream. Hormone injections are also often used during fertility treatments to stimulate the release of an egg.

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