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"We can find much of what we need to take care of our patients right in the office setting. We are able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions with the resources readily at our disposal."

  • Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Infertility Testing and Treatment
  • FDA approved "Bioidentical" Hormones
  • Urodynamics, Urinary Incontinence testing and treatment
  • Testing for Interstitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder)
  • Interstim Office Testing for Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • Weight Management Strategies
  • Cholesterol, Thyroid, Diabetes screening
  • STD Testing
  • Cancer Screening (Breast, Ovary, Cervix, Thyroid, Bladder, Skin, Colon)
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Depression Screening and Treatment
  • Culture (urine, throat)
  • Treatment of Pelvic Pain, Sexual Dysfunction
  • LEEP Procedure for cervical dysplasia
  • Office Hysteroscopy
  • PTNS (Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation) for urinary incontinence
John Macey, MD
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