Balancing Your Body With Hormone Replacement Therapy

Though you might think that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is for menopausal women, you’d be surprised to hear that it’s often used for younger women experiencing problems with their menstrual cycle and reproductive system, too.

It’s the endocrine glands that create, store, and release hormones to control your reproductive organs and keep your menstrual cycle as it should be. Sometimes this hormonal cycle gets disrupted for both natural reasons as well as for the effects of the environment, lifestyle, illness, and medication on your body.

Everyone experiences hormonal changes and fluctuations during their lifetime.

As a woman, your hormones will naturally fluctuate over time causing an imbalance, from puberty to menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Although that’s quite normal for the most part, your body is well-equipped to deal with the changes, there are some illnesses and conditions that can also impact on your hormones and reproductive system.

Women are at a higher risk of hormonal-related conditions because of our different endocrine glands and cycles than our male counterparts. The cycle they control can be disrupted for several reasons, including:

It’s important to pay close attention to your menstrual cycle and look out for any changes that may indicate your hormones are out of balance and causing issues for you.

Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on your body and cause a whole range of issues.

The greatest impact of this kind of hormonal disruption is going to be directed to your reproductive system, but the effects can be felt body-wide. Common symptoms that your hormones are out of balance include:

The effects of these symptoms can have a real impact on your quality of life and ability to enjoy those activities you once took for granted, but hormonal replacement therapy can restore the balance and have you feeling great again.

Hormonal replacement therapy is an effective treatment to restore your body’s balance.

Maintaining the right hormonal balance can help relieve painful cramps and excessive blood loss during menstruation so you aren't at mercy to “Mother Nature” each and every month. That means that you can enjoy life again without lost work days, play time, and those tiresome symptoms to manage.

If you’ve been trying to conceive, then a hormonal imbalance could well be to blame for your infertility, and restoring the natural hormone cycle will raise those chances of conception and contribute to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

When you’re perimenopausal and fearing the years ahead as your reproductive system winds down to become period free again, ensuring the hormones are correctly balanced is the best way to reduce those hot flashes, weight gain, and vaginal dryness that seem to affect so many older women.

Dr. John Macey can restore your hormonal balance with an individualized treatment plan.

As a woman, your hormonal cycle is entirely unique to you, which means that for HRT to be effective, the treatment must be formulated to your body’s particular needs. Dr. Macey will create a treatment plan that’s customized to you and your symptoms for best results.

With treatments ranging from birth control methods, hormone pellets and injections, the hormone replacement therapy you’ll receive will be designed to gradually reduce your symptoms and naturally restore that lost balance again.
To find out more about HRT and how to restore your balance again, get in touch with Dr. Macey here, and complete the simple form to book your appointment today.

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