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3 Tips for Talking to Your Partner About STDs

STDs are a sensitive topic that often elicits a lot of defensiveness and feelings of guilt and shame. Find out how to bring up the topic with grace and reduce the chances of making your partner feel uncomfortable.

Jun 1st, 2022
What to Do If Your Pregnancy Is High-Risk

It’s natural to be nervous when hearing the news that you have a high-risk pregnancy. However, there are many ways to ensure you and your baby will be healthy. Learn what you can do to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

May 1st, 2022
Tips for Supporting Your Pelvic Floor

If you suspect your pelvic floor may have been weakened by childbirth, aging, excess weight, or chronic constipation, read on. Our experts explain how you can diminish uncomfortable symptoms with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Apr 1st, 2022
Does Everyone Need to Be Tested for STDs?

If you’re sexually active, you may be wondering how often you should get tested for STDs. Read on to find out who is more likely to catch an STD and who should get tested.

Dec 1st, 2021
I'm Embarrassed by My Incontinence

Thirteen million Americans live with incontinence. If it’s interfering with your social life, there’s hope. Learn more about the triggers and risk factors for incontinence, as well as the treatments available.

Oct 1st, 2021
When is Hormone Therapy Recommended?

The role of hormones goes beyond reproduction. Even a minor hormone imbalance can cause serious symptoms if left untreated. Find out when hormone therapy is used to treat hormonal problems.

Sep 1st, 2021
How Your Vaginal Tissue Changes Over Time

Declining estrogen levels can have a big impact on your vaginal tissue as you age. Read on to learn more about why your vaginal health can decline as well as the treatment options that are available.

Jun 15th, 2021
What to Expect from Pregnancy After A Tubal Reversal

Tubal ligation is a great contraceptive method, but it can be reversed, too. Find out what it takes to get pregnant after untying your fallopian tubes and what unique challenges a pregnancy can pose after a tubal reversal.

May 20th, 2021
How to Get Exercise When You’re Pregnant

Many pregnant women fear that exercise will harm their babies. However, the right type of exercise may not only keep you in shape, but it may shorten your labor and decrease your chances of experiencing delivery complications.

Mar 9th, 2021
I'm Expecting. What Vitamins Do I Need?

As your pregnancy advances, your need for minerals and vitamins will increase as well. Find out what vitamins you need to help ensure a complication-free pregnancy.

Feb 12th, 2021
6 Signs of Prolapse

Are you experiencing upsetting symptoms in the pelvic area? Read on to learn about the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, and find out about the treatments that are available.

Jan 14th, 2021
Using Hormones to Treat Endometriosis

Just because there’s not a cure for endometriosis doesn’t mean you have to suffer through its symptoms. Hormone therapy has a track record of success in alleviating pain caused by this disorder.

Nov 4th, 2020
Recovering from a C-Section: What to Expect

No matter how it happens, the process of giving birth extends long after delivery. If you had a C-section, here’s what to expect as you start recovery with your beautiful new baby.

Sep 21st, 2020
How Effective is a Tubal Reversal?

Are you thinking about having another baby but have already had a tubal ligation? You may be able to get a tubal reversal. Read on to learn more.

Aug 21st, 2020
Little Known Signs of a Prolapse

If you’re female and your back has been hurting, it may be more than just a backache. Learn the signs and symptoms of prolapse, so you can be on the lookout for this condition.

Jul 28th, 2020
5 Reasons to Consider a Hysterectomy

The decision to get a hysterectomy should never be taken lightly. However, there are many benefits to the procedure that you may have not previously considered. Read on to learn all about them.

Jun 24th, 2020
Myths and Facts About Pregnancy

There are a lot of notions concerning pregnancy, some good and some not so good. Read on to learn some of the myths and facts regarding pregnancy.

May 15th, 2020
Want to "Untie Your Tubes"? Here's What's Involved

If you’re rethinking family planning after a tubal ligation, you may be interested in “untying your tubes.” Read on to learn more about this procedure, which may be able to restore the possibility of pregnancy.

Mar 11th, 2020
Facts About Fecal Incontinence

Fecal incontinence is more common than you think. Learn more about this condition and how you can get your bowel movements back under control.

Feb 10th, 2020
WarmSculpting with SculpSure Versus Liposuction

Working hard on your physique with diet and exercise may not get you the outcome you want. If you’re still struggling with problem areas of fat, we’re here to offer an option that is noninvasive, fast, and gets you great results.

Jan 9th, 2020
Is Prolapse Normal After Giving Birth?

While prolapse is more common for women who’ve given birth than those who haven’t, that doesn’t mean it’s destined to happen. If you’re dealing with prolapse, you can rest assured that it’s common and normal and there are treatment options available.

Oct 7th, 2019
What Can I Do About Urinary Incontinence?

You don’t have to suffer with the frustration and embarrassment of urinary incontinence. Find out what you can do to manage the debilitating symptoms of this common and treatable condition.

Sep 1st, 2019
When Should I Consider a Hysterectomy?

Nearly one-third of American women have a hysterectomy by the time they turn 60. And, while they can save lives, 90% aren’t necessary. So how do you know if it’s your best option? We’re here to guide you through the process.

Jul 1st, 2019
Understanding Your Treatment Options For Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a painful condition that disrupts the lives of nearly 7 million American women. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to live with the monthly pain and symptoms. There are endometriosis treatments than can improve your life.

Jun 1st, 2019
How MonaLisa Touch Can Boost Your Confidence in the Bedroom

Life events, such as childbirth, menopause, and growing older, can take a toll on your vagina. Luckily, it’s possible to restore elasticity, self-lubrication, and tone, thanks to vaginal revitalization with MonaLisa Touch. Read on to learn how!

Mar 1st, 2019
Is It Possible to Have a Successful Tubal Reversal

Getting a tubal ligation, or “having your tubes tied,” is an important decision. However, some women come to regret their decision. Although there are procedures available to reverse this surgery, how effective are they? How many women get pregnant?

Feb 4th, 2019
Live in Your Best Body This Year with SculpSure

Stubborn body fat doesn’t always respond to changes in diet and exercise. If you have fat that remains in certain parts of your body, then you may benefit from SculpSureⓇ to melt the fat cells away.

Jan 10th, 2019
6 Common Causes Of Infertility

When you've been trying to conceive for a while, and the magic just isn't happening, it can be extremely frustrating. Here we explore the six most common reasons for infertility and what can be done to aid in conception.

Dec 10th, 2018
Balancing Your Body With Hormone Replacement Therapy

You might think you're at the mercy of your hormones as a woman, but whether it's the menopause or your menstrual cycle that's causing you grief, there are treatments available to help. Read on as Dr. John Macey explains hormone replacement therapy.

Sep 26th, 2018
3 Benefits Of Choosing SculpSure Over Liposuction

If you could magically resculpt those hard-to-tone areas of your body without liposuction, what would stop you? Learn about three benefits of choosing SculpSure® over liposuction for permanent fat reduction and a slimmer, more contoured appearance.

Aug 24th, 2018
Restoring Your Vagina With MonaLisa Touch

Hormonal changes that accompany menopause and the postpartum period can cause negative vaginal changes. You don’t just have to live with dryness and itching. Read on to learn how treatment with the MonaLisa Touch® can help.

Jul 20th, 2018
Take Back Your Life: 5 Ways to Overcome Incontinence

When incontinence makes you want to stay home instead of dealing with the embarrassment of leaking urine, it’s time to find a solution. Keep reading to find five easy ways to take back your life and overcome incontinence!

Jun 19th, 2018
Should You Be Concerned About Heavy Bleeding?

Soaking through sanitary napkins in a short timeframe, flooding your sheets at night, and soiling your clothes is more than just an annoyance. Heavy bleeding may be a sign of an underlying health condition that you shouldn’t ignore.

May 21st, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About SculpSure

If you have areas of fat on your body that are resistant to diet and exercise, SculpSure® laser therapy may be for you. Learn everything there is to know about this revolutionary, effective way to permanently eliminate fat cells and get the body you want.

Mar 29th, 2018
What Happens to Your Body After a Hysterectomy?

When hysterectomy is the best treatment for your gynecologic condition, you need to know the types of hysterectomies and how each one affects your body. In this blog, Dr. Macey talks about what to expect after a hysterectomy.

Mar 12th, 2018
How Does the MonaLisa Touch Work?

The MonaLisa Touch system is a revolutionary laser procedure that addresses symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause, a condition that frequently follows the extreme hormone changes at this time in your life.

Feb 28th, 2018
How to Manage Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can put a real damper on your exhilaration during those first few weeks of pregnancy, but there are some proven techniques, including a few home remedies, which can help you feel a little more normal.

Jan 2nd, 2018
Five Things to Know During a First-Time Pregnancy

Few things in life are more exciting than learning you're pregnant for the first time. Here are a few things that first-time moms-to-be should know that will help you feel more informed and prepared for this exciting journey.

Nov 30th, 2017